What if the world is holding its breath —  

waiting for you to take the place that only you can fill? 

– David Whyte, Poet

Your Intuitive Guides

Four amazing women, overcoming the limitations of their own ancestors, letting go of unwanted inheritances and expanding their lives with the dormant gifts of those same ancestors. You can do similarly! Utilizing a mind/body/heart/spirit approach, our eclectic pallet of feminine wiles includes the unearthing of spiritual artifacts and means buried within you, neuro-linguistic programming, yoga/movement, breathwork, hypnosis, reiki, shamanic journeying, family constellation, inner child discovery and parts exploration.

 Don’t make a difficult change —  make, instead, an EXTRAORDINARY METAMORPHASIS!



Founder and Intuitive Guide


Zimbabwe, Africa

Intuitive Guide


Brunei, SE Asia

Intuitive Guide


New Hampshire

Intuitive Yoga AND REIKI

Our Philosophy

Dramatic change can be a jungle, chaotic and confusing. Our paths through that jungle are not yours. Our ways of tackling that jungle are not yours. You came into this world with a unique pallet of wants and needs — financial, psychological, emotional, spiritual, and physical experiences that are your birthright. We can help you to realize that pallet, and more, because 1) we know the jungle well, 2) we are always in the process of creating and re-creating our lives to match our ever expanding desires to experience the most this world has to offer, and 3) we are versed in overcoming obstacles because we too are pushing through obstacles and breaking through treetops.
You have a birthright to abundance, love, joy, freedom, health, success, sisterhood, your innate femininity and WILD WOMEN WAYS!
Don’t let your emotional inheritances and negative experiences dictate your flight plan!
We understand how you will find your inner navigational tools because we have found ours.
We have lanterns to provide light that we can share until yours is dusted off and shines brightly.
We have machetes of learned and innate wisdom to help you clear the path that is yours.
We will hold the knowing that you can, and will, become YOU as you have always known you could be.

We have shared a dream of helping women to realize their full selves, an act that would mean us realizing our fullest selves, a life of abundance, expansion, exhilaration, scuba and skiing, bare feet, laughter and joy, writing and creating, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Colorado — our infinite sky is our limit!  Make it yours too!

We are living our dreams, continually expanding possibilities into realities. And YOU can live your dreams too.

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