Your task is not to seek for love but, merely,

to seek and find all the barriers within yourself

that you have built against it.

– Rumi

Season Of Change Package

Your ancestors passed on their experiences to you. In order to alter those experiences, it’s fastest to alter them through a cognitive, emotional, energetic, somatic (body) experience of something different. For that reason, we offer packages that include intuitive guidance (see ABOUT US for more information), body work (similar to yoga but tailored to releasing those beliefs, emotions, and experiences that have blocked your changes in the past), breathwork, hypnosis, reiki, and shamanic journey. We highly recommend that you choose to commit to this for three months. We call this your dedication to a SEASON OF CHANGE.  However, this is your spirit journey and if you choose to commit for only one month, it is still a commitment you are making to change and we will honor that with you.

Guiding Sessions

We utilize an eclectic pallet of tools including inner child and parts of self reuniting, guided and self-guided visualizations, ritual, somatic (body) exploration, with holistic and systems psychological approaches. Our intuitive guides are bringing change for women from three different continents, many cultures. For all the ways that we are culturally different, nearly all women want to experience their ability to overcome their limitations and manifest their dreams coming true.

As precious doors of your life open and close, don’t just search for an open window to crawl though. Let the four walls surrounding you fall to the ground and notice that the sky has suddenly become your infinite ceiling. Only without a ceiling can you open your wings wide — and take flight.

Don’t just transcend your difficulties – SOULSCEND!


What is your relationship with your inner child self? Does she often feel fearful of what comes next? And what of the old, wise, sage woman living inside of you? When was the last time you asked her to engage your inner child so that they might conjure joy, open-mindedness, fluidity, balance, healing, creativity, expansiveness, the list is long…

The possibilities are infinite.

Hypnosis Sessions

Through pain, dysregulated emotions, anxiety, depression, fear, your body is asking you to make change. Change can be scary but are these asks any less difficult to deal with than the fear that you feel? Anain Nin wrote, “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”  Hypnosis induces a different state of consciousness, a SOULstate, as we call it… where your truths and creative solutions can flow from. Turn on the river of your truths, creativity, hope, and infinite possibilities seeking your exploration.

Shamanic Journey

The combination of drumming and breathwork have been used all over the world as another means of eliciting a different state of consciousness. Similar to hypnosis, journeying seeks answers, experiences, and healing from our ancestors. Meet your spirit animal, your angel, your inner child at the sound of the drum as you breathe in healing and transformation.


Yoga and Movement

We store our experiences, not just in our minds but also in our emotions and our bodies. Let go of old beliefs, ideas, experiences, and emotions though a combination of yoga, other movement, and breath to release the sandbags that are holding you to the ground. Emotions are energies trapped in your body. Joy is one that we often welcome to stay but when anger, grief, loneliness, disgust, fear, and the like have outworn their welcome, we can help you let them go.



Reiki is Japanese in nature, referring to Rei (universal/higher power/God’s wisdom) ki (energy flows through all things), as spiritually intended life force energy, an intentional transference of energy for the purpose of relaxation, reduction of stress, and healing.


Family Constellation

Through visual aids such as this one, clients explore the systems in their lives: family, work, culture, religion, etc. and any negative beliefs, feelings, or patterns that keep a client stuck. “I’m not good enough. Everyone is better than I am,” are inherited and learned lenses by which a client might be experiencing the world. Then, a client energetically share her beliefs with others until they too, believe what we do. For example, maybe you work more hours than your counterpart and still, it feels like it’s not enough. Your energy conveys this to your employer and what can she do except to agree with you because only you can know your true value. Your energetic and unspoken contract with your employer becomes, “I am not doing well enough so I will try harder,” and she agrees because this is her experience of your truth. This is just one self-fulfilling prophecy you can change.

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