It is as though he listened and such listening as his

enfolds us in such a silence in which, at last

we begin to hear what we are meant to be


Travel to the depths, 

where your spirit whispers truth to the turtles 

to feel their wisdom answering back.



Overcoming obstacles, changing your beliefs, ideas, emotional responses, and behaviors so that your sky knows no limits, provides room in your body for new experiences.



Join us on a 7-day Conscious Splash for Empowering Women In Transition in the Bahamas, April 2025. Daily micro-dosing of psylacybin to enhance your healing experiences including shamanic ceremony, daily snorkeling, swimming with dolphins and sting rays, hypnosis and breathwork. 



Come and find your grounding, Connect To Your Roots, For Women Reclaiming Their Wild Woman Ways on this 7-day breathtaking safari, March 2026.

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