At the sound of precious doors closing,

don’t just settle for a window.

Don’t just transcend your current situation –






Don’t just transcend your current situation –






Instead, welcome the collapsing of the walls around you

and the sky becoming your infinite ceiling.

What does your soul long for?

Come in. Breathe. Relax.

A journey of self-discovery and transformation is waiting for you.

Are you asking yourself how your circumstances came to be? Maybe you are divorcing, changing jobs, retiring, becoming a new wife or mother, moving, questioning your identity? Maybe your light is no longer visible to you because society, family, teachers, employers, authorities, have imprinted fears that you have made our own, fears that keep you stuck. The unmet needs of an intuitive and desiring soul can lead to sadness, fear, disappointment, and anger.

Many of us need coaching when we want to get better at a sport, learning a new hobby, or trying to get better at a skill, but we don’t know how to ask for help to make some of the most important changes in our lives. The world of psychology has toyed with changing its definition of intelligence to, “The ability to adapt.” How can we adapt when our patterns are so ingrained? We can seek help from women who have learned the art of adaptation, expansion, and manifestation.


Isn’t it time to OVERCOME the self and societally imposed ceilings that are too low for you,

Isn’t it time to BECOME the woman you intended to be as you took your very first breath.

We are life coaches, but more so, we are guides stewarded by spirituality, brought together by our intuitive and healing ways from very different places in the world to help guide women through the changes of their lives, to manifest the life they are passionate to live.

Let’s not just manifest.  Let’s MANIFEST SPECTACULARLY!

Believe in You

Finding Your Way

Imagine for a moment that your mother fell off a horse as a child. Horses, for that reason, weren’t in your periphery until you’re 30-something and fall in love with man that raises them from a passionate heart. Unbeknownst to you, you have years of feeling your mother’s anxiety around horses.

It feels as though the door to love and happiness is closing…

Don’t settle for a window that leads you away from love and the ranch!

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“You are such a good girl,” is but one line that likely began the writing of your story by your parents and society. From that, your identity was written according to how you complied or rebelled to every expectation.

These Alice’s agree that we did not come into this world of flesh and heart, courage, hope, and femininity to be “a good girl.”

Do you feel you in the stirring of something more? Are the unwritten pages of your life calling to you through obsessive thoughts, negative emotions, bodily reactions like illness, unrealized potential, sadness, fear, and anxiety? The greater your tries to silence your spirit, the louder the voice resounds.

Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.

-The Queen, Alice in Wonderland

These Alice’s BELIEVE in at least 11 impossible things before breakfast.

Dare to                         Dream

Negative beliefs, emotions, and experiences are records playing in our conscious and unconscious. To change those records so that our lives may change, we have to record new ones. To record new records more quickly, we utilize a creative and eclectic methodology that provides cognitive, emotional, energetic, and somatic (body) experiences of releasing the old recordings and re-writing new ones. Isn’t it time to change your story? Our powerful tools include — intuitive guidance (click HERE to see ABOUT US for more information about our guides), body work (similar to yoga but tailored to releasing the blocks that have kept you from making change), breathwork, hypnosis, reiki, and shamanic journey. We recommend our SEASON OF CHANGE package but also offer these a-la carte.

Click HERE to learn about our SEASON OF CHANGE package for women that want more than change, more than transcending their difficulties — for women that want to SOULSCEND!.

We believe in the importance of NEW EXPERIENCES OF SELF in a village setting. We believe that you have a birthright to a sisterhood of powerful women, each standing in their own truths, voicing their truest selves, becoming their most amazing selves. Click HERE if you are interested to participate in our retreats or workshops in Africa, America, and the Caribbean

Choose from the gifts of your ancestors!

And leave the rest. 

What Is Your Spirit Animal?

We call on panther when we want to feel powerful or elephant when we need wisdom. What are your spirit animals and, even more importantly, how can you make their innate characteristics your own?

In the Caribbean, Zip (monkey) was Diego’s spirit animal. 





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