Your task is not to seek for love but, merely,

to seek and find all the barriers within yourself

that you have built against it.




Soulscend! Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit Package

Coaching Packages

For a fuller mind, body, and spirit experience

Your ancestors passed on their full body experiences to you. In order to alter those experiences, it’s fastest to alter them through a cognitive, emotional, energetic, somatic (body) experience of something different. For that reason, we offer packages that include, not only coaching, but body work, breathwork, hypnosis, reiki, and exploration of self through four assessments: Values, Enneagram, Love Languages, and Human Design. We highly recommend that if you choose the package, you choose to commit to this for three months. We call this your dedication to A SEASON OF CHANGE. However, this is your spirit journey and if you choose to commit for only one month, it is still a commitment you are making to self and we will honor that with you.

1 4-Week SEASON OF CHANGE package includes:

1 50-minute coaching session per week including inner child and parts exploration

1 30-minute yoga/movement for blockages session per week

1 30-minute distance reiki session per week

1 90-minute hypnosis session

1 50-minute Shamanic Journey

1 50-minute Human Design exploration

1 50-minute Love Languages exploration

1 50-minute Enneagram exploration

1 50-minute Values Assessment exploration

1 pair of foot jewelry, designed and created with precious stones by your coaches, specifically for you and the transformation you want to make 

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Coaching only

Hipnosis only

Shamanic Journeying