We love men! And we are advocates of diversity and inclusivity, so why women only?

This is a very important time in our world, a time when we are celebrating differences in race, ethnicities, religious beliefs, sexualities, and genders too. We are stepping out of the limiting belief systems that were passed on to us by our ancestors. Despite the overdue celebration for all persons punching through ceilings to access an infinite sky, women continue to pressure themselves to be ‘better than men’ to justify their existence and choices in the chasm of guilt between their work and personal lives. Forty seven percent of women comprise the workforce in America, and still, women continue to be the primary source of caretaking for their children, parents, and home.

We are women. We understand these frustrations and discrepancies.

Recently, Maggie asked a group of townies gathered to discuss summer projects, why everyone was referring to one another’s properties as belonging only to the men in the neighborhood. As an example, they were referring to Tim and Jenny’s home as ‘Tim’s house.’

The answer she received was, “It’s kind of sexist but nobody really cares.”

Ladies, this is 2022 in every country!

We care.

If you are still reading this, we suspect that you probably care too. Especially if you are contributing equally by any measures to your home and family.

We know only too well that women are often accommodating of unacceptable circumstances inherited from the generations that came before us. An example of just one of these inheritances we are only too well-versed in? “I am not good
enough. It doesn’t matter what or how much I do.”  

It’s our intention that you will stand in the fullness of your personal power to speak with confidence from your wisest, spirited Self, “I don’t accept these old beliefs and inheritances. Instead, I can trust and stand in my gifts, gifts that contribute to this world as only I can.”  

We believe that when you do, your ancestors will applaud and support you because you voicing what they could not begins to heal your lineage and transform your trajectory.


Season of Change Package

Let’s imagine for a moment that your mother fell off a horse as a child and she never got back on. During your lifetime, she never took you horseback riding because she was no longer comfortable around horses. They weren’t in your periphery, or so you thought, and you weren’t passionate to meet any, so it wasn’t a difficulty for you.

In this imagined example, you are in your mid-30’s when you fall madly and passionately in love with a man that owns a ranch. He is everything you hoped to have in love, but every time you visit him there, you feel uncomfortable. You have thirty something years of feeling your mother’s anxiety in your nervous system that you experienced whenever images or words relating to horses arose. Despite a yearning to be with your love in all ways possible, there are parts of the ranch that you don’t visit because your anxiety heightens there. Your world becomes separated from much of his world and what he loves.

Despite feeling freedom in love, your world in which you are comfortable is suddenly smaller.

Not understanding this anxiety because you have never been around or ridden horses, you assume it’s something about him and you begin to nitpick fights with him.

When you do this, you remind him of his critical mother, and he shuts down and pulls away just as he did from his mother as teenager. His responses are immature for this reason and you begin to ask yourself, “How could I have been so wrong about him?”

Your dreams of love begin to slip away.

The anxiety that you feel about all things ‘horse’ is an inheritance.

Your intuitive guides are educated and/or experienced in psychology, but even more so, they were drawn together to Sana Dea by their spiritual inheritances — by their intuition to expose these experiences that limit who you are and how you exist in the world.

In this example, unearthing the anxiety caused by horses and verbally sharing that with you won’t likely change anything. Your anxiety will not likely be remedied by words alone. Anxiety is an experience of the body that is being communicated to you, “I don’t feel safe. I am uncomfortable.”  To remedy that communication, the body needs an experience of feeling safe and comfortable.

In this example, we would have to help you to experience the act of engaging with horses in a positive way, first from a distance, then nearer and nearer. As each step progresses, your nervous system begins to feel more comfortable with horses and your anxiety becomes less. The fighting subsides and horses becomes a point of connection and shared experiences. Your enthusiasm for horses becomes greater and you begin to manifest the relationship with horses you never knew you wanted — but one that connects you passionately to the man that you love.

You reclaim the parts of your fullest self that have been limited by that which you inherited from your mother.

Imagine this package might make that possible. One time a week you meet with your intuitive guide to unearth and expose the cages that you keep you stuck through breath, visualizations, meaning making, inner child and parts dialoguing, and body experience exploration. In these sessions, your guide will use imagery and breath to release the old experiences and implant new experiences of horses. Your guide will then communicate these blocks to Johanna, our movement guide. Johanna will engage her own intuition to engage you in breath, yoga poses, movement, verbalization, and imagery to give your body new experiences of horses. Because emotions such an anxiety are energies — negative energies, Johanna will also provide 30 minutes of distance reiki to re-energize the movement and release of old, trapped, negative emotions and other negative energies your body has been storing. Shamanic journey and hypnosis induce a more creative, relaxed state of consciousness by which you can create new stories of your life and ask for help from powers greater than yourself including ancestors, any Higher Powers, spirit animals, loved ones, and your higher self.

1 4-Week SEASON OF CHANGE package includes:

1 50-minute intake session with intuitive guide

1 50-minute guiding session per week including inner child and parts exploration, breathwork, somatic exploration, meaning making, and visualization,

1 30-minute yoga/movement for blockages session per week

1 30-minute distance reiki session per week

1 90-minute hypnosis session

1 90-minute Shamanic Journey

1 pair of foot jewelry, designed and created with precious or semi-precious stones by your coaches, specifically for you and the transformation you want to make

Don’t be limited by your inheritances!

 Don’t just transcend your experiences or those of your ancesters!