Take just one step out of the story that has defined you

 and begin to live a story that celebrates you.


– Maggie Mer


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Becoming Authentically YOU

Salvador Dali’s SWANS REFLECTING ELEPHANTS, 1937. (photo credit https://salvadordaliprints.org/swans-reflecting-elephants/)   Becoming Authentically YOU Salvador Dali was the second child born of that name to his parents. The first child of that name died nine months before Dali, as we refer to him in surrealist art. Can you imagine being created and birthed as a replacement for the first-born son of your parents? Can you imagine the familial trauma and grief Dali was born into? And what did Salvador Dali do to cope with his parents’ words, “Your brother would have…” as he was compared against the absent brother his entire

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Angels in Disguise

What if boundary crossers are angels sent to help you strengthen your boundary setting muscles? Take A Front Row Seat To Your Walls Caving In The barrage of messages waiting me when I returned from the pharmacy with antibiotics for strep, accompanied by double ear and sinus infections, made me want to cry.   “It seems like the world needs more from me when I am sick! Not just wanting more but pushing and pressuring, crossing my boundaries even.” I closed my eyes to the asks and fell quickly to sleep.   Later, I climbed into my favorite chair with

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Animal Whispering

Do you want to be the reef for this family of cuttlefish? Animal Whispering Everyone who chooses to be — IS an animal whisperer. This mother monkey came to sit beside me a few days ago at a wildlife sanctuary in the birth place of Sana Dea.  She felt me so akin to her, she reached out to hold my wrist. In that connection between our two nervous systems, her infant could feel the love and trust moving between our two bodies, so much so, that the tiny guy reached out with all his might to take my thumb in

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Shit Talking

Energy is currency. Where, when, and on whom you spend it — matters. Shit Talking “My ex-boyfriend is still shit talking about me, two years after our breakup,,” a friend wrote me yesterday, “How can I stop him?” My response to her was this: “Recently, I was walking to be with turtles when I happened upon two people after a fender bender. I didn’t understand their words because they were communicating in fast paced French but being someone interested in human behavior, I stopped to observe. The man was shaking his hands and yelling aggressively in the woman’s face. The

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Choosing Healing

ARE YOU DRAGGING AROUND RESISTANT PARTS OF YOURSELF? Last night, I raised my hand at an NLP conference when the facilitator asked if anyone needed help reconciling two parts of Self in conflict. Despite the kicking, biting, screaming child inside of me, I raised my hand and explained, “Part of me is very ready to begin the podcasting that I, and my peers, have been building to, but another part, a child part of me, is resisting podcasting and keeping our efforts stuck. I feel like I am dragging this inner child around by her foot, clawing, kicking and screaming.

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The Land, The Sea, And The Turtle

The wings of angels may arrive you in forms you do not so easily recognize. BEING THE LAND, THE SEA, AND THE TURTLE The LAND adapts with ease to the blowing winds and changing tides. In a storm, she is refuge for the creatures that call her home and, as such, she does not distinguish between religion, ethnicity, culture, age, species, or any other means of exclusivity. She generously gifts her transformed self as sand to the sea while she waits with trust for the return of the turtle to her shores. The SEA is fluid, reflective, and resilient, changing

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