A Sacred Journey

A journey of growth and healing 

is cutting through dense jungle of personal history,

navigating with bare hearts and feet

that desire to follow the whispered hints of possibility.

Some days, the feet that guide your way

and the hands that do the cutting,

are those of the sage, withered and knowing.

Other days they are the feet and hands of the wondrous inner child.

No matter, our feet and hands have been ours,

even before we were born,

through every experience of holding on, and letting go,

as we dare to make our way.


for the

International Caribbean

Is your spirit asking you to make changes through communications like depression and anxiety?

Is your body asking you to make changes by the only communications it can — pain or illness? 

The greater your tries to silence your spirit, the louder these will resound.

As living beings we have an innate ability to heal. Not just the wounds that are reflected back to us by mirrors, like cuts and bruises, but also attachment, depression, anxiety, transition, grief/loss, crises, trauma, and the inability to connect to family or friends in a meaningful way. Just as we have needed a doctors help to stitch or re-set a bone so that healing may occur, we need the help of therapists to re-set the patterns of our emotions and thoughts. We believe each one of us has an intuitive map by which our spirit desires to journey and a unique key formed by our life’s experiences and lessons, from which our intuitive map can be deciphered.

We can lose sight of one, or trust in the other, leaving us to feel hopeless, lonely, bereft.

With help, we can find our way.

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