How much can your mind, heart, and body digest of the toxins that surround us and still maintain WHOLE BODY WELLNESS? This self hypnosis utilizes a breathwork centered, thoughts, feelings, body sensations approach to healing. And if you fall asleep? Your subconscious will continue the healing journey while you rest.

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Are you tired of feeling like you are worth more than you’re paid? Are you tired of banging your head against a financial ceiling? Are you experiencing burnout in your career? Has anyone looked you in the eyes and said, “Why are YOU working for someone else?” 

This self-hypnosis opens your subconscious to changing perspectives so that our future podcasts have rich, fertile “soil” in which to grow your ways differently.





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Animal whispering

If we want to understand animals and be understood by them too, if we want to feel connected to them, we cannot have underlying emotions like anger or grief that is “waiting to bite” them.  Learn more about animal whispering in our October podcast from Tanzania. And try our self-hypnosis, “Open to Animal Speak” in August 2023. If that’s enough, join us in Barbados 2024 and connect to the creatures of the sea. 


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