Maggie Mer McDanal, MA Counseling Psychology

Maggie’s coaching specializes in transformation through altered states of consciousness including shamanic journey, guided meditation, hypnosis, and soon, psychedelics with a specialty in psilocybin!

Maggie is the founder and host of our experiential podcasts, exploring the intersections of spirituality and mental wellness with nature, science, philosophy, and community.

Maggie received her first degree from the University of Oregon in Landscape Architecture with the intent to change the quality of relationships between people, animals, and resources by drawing and painting our world differently. “Coaching, counseling, leading, and guiding required an inner demolition that I was not ready for until I completed my master’s degree in Counseling Psychology from The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP), Palo Alto, California in 2014.”

Transpersonal Psychology honors a client’s authentic path as navigated by their beliefs — spiritual, cultural, and otherwise. All are welcome.

“I believe that ceilings are mostly self-imposed. And nothing hurts me more than banging my head against them. So, instead of ceilings, I manifest treetops that invite climbing into infinity — and beyond. I trust in the transformational power of healing by way of exploration, internal and external adventuring, relationships, play, creativity, and coming to know oneself in nature — be that with a snorkel and turtle friends in sapphire water or atop a mountain covered in white nearly to the sky.”

Maggie is an ordained marriage officiant, entrepreneur, designer of everything including landscapes, barns, evening gowns, and websites, and an animal whisperer. Maggie resides resides in Florida to move fluidly between the wilds of Colorado and the Caribbean and because her inner child so loves to play.  “I have manifested my life, one that honors my feminine whiles and adventurous spirit, and celebrates our Earth as Wonderland, a playground for my inner child. I am passionate about psychology, philosophy, writing, film that bridges all cultures in a collective spirit, travel that explores our differences and similarities, the songs of palms and pines as they are orchestrated the moon, and all creatures under the sea.”

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